Links to writing venues and writers:


Literary Magazines and Small Presses:

Blue Fifth Review, a literary magazine.

Blue Print Review, a literary magazine.

Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, a poetry magazine.

Concord Free Press, a literary press with an ambitious concept of generosity-based publishing., a highly active ezine sharing contemporary writing and commentary.

Ghoti, a literary ezine.

Green Fuse Poetic Arts Association, a small press and poetry association

Hawai'i Pacific Review, a literary magazine.

Her Circle Ezine, exploring the feminine experience in the world community.

Kaffe In Katmandu, an online literary magazine.

Melusine, or Woman in the 21st Century, an online journal of literature and art.

Mused - BellaOnline Literary Review, a woman-oriented literary magazine.

Le Nouveau Monde Vert, a journal of guerrilla literature, art, links & social commentary.

The Pedestal Magazine, a webzine of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and interviews.

Poets Against War, a webzine of poetry and social commentary.

Raving Dove, a literary ezine that champions human rights and social justice.

Sagewoman, celebrating the Goddess in every woman.

Thirteenth Moon, a feminist literary magazine.

Trivia: Voices of Feminism, a literary ezine.

The Write Place at the Write Time, a literary magazine.



Reference Sources/Contests/Awards:

Entropy has an up to date listing of book, chapbook, and magazine publishers open for submission.

Trish Hopkinson lists many different categories for submissions. Her listings are especially good resources for submissions not requiring submission fees.

Duotrope's Digest, a comprehensive, highly informational, and up-to-date list of the literary magazine world.

Winning Writers, lists international contests and awards.

Libby Dillon, an aspiring writer in a home-school program, found this website for creative writing very helpful and recommends it to beginning writers: Creative Writing Resources for Beginners

Kira, a young writer in a writing club, recommends this site regarding elevator pitches:




Writer's Groups:

IWWG-The International Women's Writing Guild



Writers' websites and blogs of interest:

Dorothy Bryant, novelist, essayist, playwright (author of The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You):

Liz Cleere, writer:

Eileen Collucci, novelist (author of The Strings of the Lute):

Ursula K. Le Guin, writer:

Marcus Speh, writer, blogger:

Susan Tepper, writer:

Janice Wiley-Dorn, writer: