I am the blood moving through

the danger of petrified myth.

-         Beate Sigriddaughter




I started my writing career as a poet at age 7, writing a poem to a butterfly, Schmetterling in German, because that word struck me as particularly beautiful.  I am in love with words.  My favorite word in Spanish, for example, is “izquierda.”  (No poetry in Spanish.  Yet?)

The following poems have been published and are at this time particularly meaningful to me. 



November 20, 2003 – Iraq was written after an Iraq massacre in 2003 and is still very close to my heart. 


September 11, 2001 was published under the name Beate Murray in benefit anthology for the Twin Towers Orphan Fund.


On Your Way Home was published by Katherine Chiang’s Celadon Press in 1978 in under the name Beate Murray.


The Dance Begins was published by Salome: A Literary Dance Magazine in 1983.